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How to setup Rcon for your Minecraft Server

In this guide, we will explain how to setup RCON for your minecraft server. It is best used when you are managing a server's console wihout needing to access the panel. Let's get started!

The rcon client we are using is . You can follow the installation instructions for linux, and other OS in their github page. We will be using windows for this tutorial!

First, download the RCON software needed from
Once downloaded, extract the file into a folder where we will run rcon.

Enabling RCON on your minecraft server

First, make sure you have a new port ready to use for RCON. Go to networking --> ports --> create port. Note that port down

Go to in your file manager, and do the following
Set enable-rcon=true
Set a password for your rcon connection at rcon.password=your_password
Set the port for rcon at rcon.port=12345, replacing 12345 with the new port you made for rcon
If you want OP players to see rcon connections, set broadcast-rcon-to-ops=true

Double check these values!

Once done, save the file, and restart the server.

Connecting to your server via RCON

Now, go back to your folder where you have RCON stored. There will be a file called launch.bat . Double click it and you'll be prompted to enter details. Fill them out one by one, your server ip, your rcon port, and the password you set, and once you've connected, you'll be able to use RCON!

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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