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Which Bedrock Software is for you?

This article is intended to teach you about the different softwares available for bedrock edition that you can run servers with!

PocketMine-MP‌ (PMMP)

Unlike the other two software PocketMine-MP is written using PHP. It was the first form of server software for the Minecraft Bedrock community and is currently one of the most used.

✅ The Advantages of PocketMine ✅

Since it is the most popular as well as the oldest, it has a lot of public plugins which you can use.
Compared to the other two softwares, PocketMine is not RAM heavy. This means PocketMine uses more CPU rather than RAM.
For newer developers, there is a great community that can help you out with your plugins.
Extensive API allowing you to change every aspect of how your server behaves.

❌ The Disadvantages of PocketMine ❌

PHP isn't usually used for software such as Minecraft servers, so this can have an effect on the amount of plugin developers that develop for Pocketmine. It could be harder to find or create plugins for this software opposed to other softwares.
Lacks most vanilla features, although there are plugins that offer some vanilla functionality, most are buggy or no longer work.​‌

Cloudburst Nukkit (NukkitX)

Nukkit is written using Java. It was the second unique form of server software for the Minecraft Bedrock community. It isn't the most used but is rapidly growing.

✅ The Advantages of Nukkit ✅

Just like PocketMine, it also is relatively popular and has a lot of public plugins you can use; but not as many as PocketMine offers.
Compared to the other two softwares, Java is more RAM heavy, meaning Java uses more RAM than CPU.
Extensive API allowing you to change nearly every aspect of how your server behaves.
Java is used more in the Minecraft space which means there is a higher volume of developers for plugin development.

❌ The Disadvantages of Nukkit ❌

Compared to PocketMine, it doesn't have as big of a developer community. It may be harder to get support for the issues you encounter.
While Nukkit has more vanilla feature support then PocketMine does, the way they are implemented makes them more glitchy then a vanilla server.

Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS)

Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) is written in C++. It is widely considered the official server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This software is relatively new and isn't used as much as the previous two.

✅ The Advantages of BDS ✅

One of the main and only advantage of BDS is it's ability to have every vanilla feature working properly (redstone, mobs, command blocks, etc).

❌ The Disadvantages of BDS ❌

There isn't any API so writing plugins for this software is not possible currently unless you used a modded BDS version.
BDS is known to be laggy under more intensive conditions.

GeyserMC Cross-Compatibility

A more popular option these days, using GeyserMC gives bedrock users the ability to join a java-based server. By installing this plugin onto a java server, you will be able to get players from both platforms to play together. Of course, this means that you should change the entire server software to java. Of course, if you do decide to switch to java, you'll need to be on bukkit or a fork of it. Read our other guide for finding out which java software is for you

✅ The Advanatges of GeyserMC ✅

Crossplay compatibility
Runs on java software which has a bigger community, more plugins, and better software
Allows users to connect without a java account using floodgate

❌ The Disadvantages of GeyserMC ❌

Not all bedrock functionality may work. They are minor issues though. Check out their documentation that talks about it here

If you wish to install this plugin, we have a detailed guide breaking down the steps of configuring this plugin here

💡 So, which one is best for you? 💡

If you are looking for a normal vanilla world to play with a few friends and want to have all the vanilla features, BDS would work perfectly for you. PocketMine and Nukkit are both really good for factions, minigames, or any other game mode but if you were to choose which one it would depend on who you are and what you need. For example, if you have a background in Java, it would make sense to go with Nukkit since you could apply your knowledge to make plugins and modify the software.

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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