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How to install and use InventoryRollbackPlus [Java]

In this article, you're going to be learning how to add and use InventoryRollbackPlus in your server.

Plugin Summary

This administrator-orientated plugin is designed in mind to save and restore player data during gameplay. The plugin features:
Saving meta data such as: Health | Armour | Experience | Location .
Force save a specific individual or all players on the server. /ir forcebackup <all/player> [player]
Saves the player data depending on gameplay events. Join | Leave | Death | World Changes | Manual (Admin)

GIF of Inventory Rollback Gameplay


To start, download the latest version of the plugin from here.
Then, drag-and-drop the jar file into the /home/container/plugins folder, on WitherPanel. Lastly, reboot the server and it should now run.


To configure your server to your likings, open the File Manager and edit the config.yml. The general path to this plugin's configuration file is /home/container/plugins/InventoryRollbackPlus/config.yml.

The configuration file will consist options like:
Plugin enabled/disabled.
Maximum save per type per user.
Modifying the file path of the data saved.
Utilising remote databases for remote saving. (Read an article here on how to setup a database)
Managing sound effects.
Managing time zones.

Of course, if you wish to change the message formats of the plugin, you may edit the messages.yml.

Getting started!

By starting the server, the plugin has already latched itself to the world events. These events include players joining, leaving, on death, world changes and of course manual commands. Once a player has died, their inventory and meta data has been saved and is prepared by the plugin in the internal data config. You can access these records through the /ir restore command. A list of online players are given through a friendly GUI. By accessing the individual's type of save, you can choose whether to take individual items out, restore the whole inventory or restore the meta data.

Command List

Some of these commands may be out of date as to what the plugin officially offers. Please refer back to the official plugin page.
/irp restore [name] - Open a menu to view all player backups (player name is optional)
/irp forcebackup <all / player> <name> - Create a backup manually
/irp enable - Enable the plugin if disabled
/irp disable - Disable the plugin if enabled
/irp reload - Reload the configuration file
/irp help - Show the help message with all commands
/irp version - Show info about the plugin version, author and update link

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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