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How to install and use Plan Player Analytics [Java]

In this tutorial, we'll talk about how to setup plan player analytics, a server statistics/analytics plugin that records useful information such as server uptime, usage, players activity, and has tons of graphs, charts, and detailed information.
It is useful to use this plugin to gain statistics and information about your server! Here's some screenshots of it in action

Overall Server Statisitcs

Player Overview

Specific Player Overview

Server Performance

Online Activity Overview

It's a webserver that can be run on your minecraft server! It also hooks into some plugins to display useful information, PlaceholderAPI support, and has a lot of insights. Looks cool? Let's explain how to setup this amazing plugin!

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin from SpigotMC here
Upload the file to your plugins folder
Open a port in your network tab. We will be using this port to access our webserver, which will be configured afterwards
Restart your server and the plugin should load up! Let's see how to configure this

Configuring the plugin

Before we get to access our webserver, we obviously need to edit the default settings so that it can be hosted on the extra port you have. So, go to config.yml, and follow along

Set the server name to the server you want

Update the port section in this part of the config

Set what data you want to gather in this part of the config

That's the basic configuration. Of course, there's so much more to see if you intend on customizing further, such as a login system, https, proxy server setup, etc. you can find very detailed documentation for this plugin here

Save your changes, and restart the server. When you see plan started up on your console, you can simply visit the webserver by going to IP:PORT on your browser. Make sure to use the port you set in the config
You'll see your brand new analytics website is now up and running!

That's about it to setup your very own analytics website. This automatically logs all information, and is a super useful plugin to see overall growth/movement of your server.
Most of the commands are just ways to retreive the statistics from the website when you're playing on the minecraft server. Take a look at the commands and see for yourself

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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