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How to install and use Prism [Java]

A grief management system that has features such as rollbacks and more. A fairly reliable alternative to CoreProtect.

Getting started

- Install the plugin and place it into your plugins folder.
- restart your server and generate the configuration files.
- Setup a database to use with it.


Download the plugin from here and place it into your "Plugins" folder and reload the plugins/restart the server.

Configuring the database

Refer to our guide at here to create and access a database.
/plugins/Prism/config.yml, for DB configuration, check from line 200 to 220 and edit these properties according to your DB details:

    type: mysql
    username: prism
    password: prism
    databaseName: prism
    prefix: prism_
    port: '3306'
    useNonStandardSql: true

Plugin configuration

Prism tracks most actions performed by users within the server, to stop logging of unimportant actions, please refer to line 66 and onwards within the config.yml file and edit these properties:

    block-break: true
    block-burn: true
    block-dispense: true
    block-fade: true
    block-fall: true
    block-form: true
    block-place: true
    block-shift: true
    block-spread: true
    block-use: true
    bucket-fill: true
    bonemeal-use: true
    container-access: true
    cake-eat: true
    craft-item: false
    creeper-explode: true
    crop-trample: true
    dragon-eat: true
    enchant-item: false
    enderman-pickup: true
    enderman-place: true
    entity-break: true
    entity-dye: false
    entity-explode: true
    entity-follow: true
    entity-form: true
    entity-kill: true
    entity-leash: true
    entity-shear: true
    entity-spawn: true
    entity-unleash: true
    fireball: true
    fire-spread: false
    firework-launch: true
    hangingitem-break: true
    hangingitem-place: true
    item-drop: true
    item-insert: true
    item-pickup: true
    item-remove: true
    item-rotate: true
    lava-break: true
    lava-bucket: true
    lava-flow: false
    lava-ignite: true
    leaf-decay: true

(More values can be found onwards, but to keep the article simple, I've shown
a few here from line 67 to 113)


In this category, we'll be looking at how to use Prism and its commands.


/prism rollback (params)

This command is used to roll a certain event (or world) to a previously saved state, another alternatives to this is the rollback wand
- Parameters examples:


Limit the rollback event to a specified action, such as block-break (/prism
for list of actions)


How many blocks near you the action occured


Base a radius off of another online player.


Allow a radius around coordinates x,y,z.


Entity such as a block, mob or player.

Rollback wand

/prism wand rollback

The command will bind the wand to your hand/tools.
Left-click a block to roll back its last action, or right-click a block face
to rollback the block from that spot. Repeat the command to disable the wand.


/prism restore (params)

This is basically an undo command which restores a certain event, action or the world to a previous state prior to a rollback


/prism undo (params)

This command specifically works to undo drain actions on liquid.

This is a summary for the important commands, run prism help on your server for the list of parameters and flags, or refer to the Prism docs.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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