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How to install and use UltimateAutoRestart [Java]

In this article, we will install and configure UltimateAutorestart - the only restart plugin you'll ever need! Want to restart your server on 6:00 am every day? Sure, that's possible. How about restarting one hour later on every Monday? That too is easy.

With UltimateAutorestart, you can change restart schedules with barely a few commands.

πŸ“’ Now, let's begin by installing and configuring this plugin! πŸ“’

πŸ”Œ InstallationπŸ”Œ

Click on this link to download the plugin(for free!)
Go to WitherPanel, and upload the plugin file to your server's plugins folder. The plugin file should end in .jar extension.
Restart the server to apply these changes.

βš™οΈ Setup

You've installed the plugin, but installation is vastly different from setup. To put it simply, this plugin does not execute the actual restart process, but simply performs whatever action you wish to execute after each restart. You'll need a restart script for the plugin to work.

In this case, what you'll need to do is set up a schedule to automatically restart your server at the specified time you have UltimateAutoRestart doing it's thing. You can follow our auto-restart guide here

⌨️ Basic Commands

Once the plugin is installed and set-up with no errors, simply hop into the game and try out these commands!

CommandDescriptionPermission Needed
/uar now [interval]
/uar delay [interval]uar.admin.delay
/uar stopStop a scheduled restartuar.admin.stop

Advanced Restarts

Suppose you wish to schedule daily restarts. Would you use the /uar now [interval] command every day to do so?
There is an easier method of accomplishing such feats; you may even schedule automatic restarts for certain days on certain times. For example, on Monday you could restart at 12 pm, on Tuesday 11 pm, on Wednesday 10 pm and so on.

You'll need to use the configuration file to make all of the above happen. It's easy, don't worry.
You can find the default config file here By looking at that file you should have an idea of what to do.

Here's a snippet:
    - 'Monday;11;00'
    - 'Monday;23;00'
    - 'Friday;10;00'
    - 'Friday;22;00'
    - 'Daily;13;00'

You can see that multiple restarts can be scheduled for a single day as well. The list of acceptable values can be found in the wiki.

More about the configuration.


The plugin can send user-configured messages when an event, like a restart delay, happens. You can edit these messages using messages.yml. View the default file here

What's left?

Placeholders weren't discussed at all in this tutorial, as using them would require you to install 3 other holograms plugins, each of which is complex enough to require it's own helpdesk article. As this is meant to be a simple and straightforward tutorial, you'll need to pay the wiki a visit if you want to learn more.


Plugin Page on Spigot
A tutorial you can watch.
Witherhosting offical discord server.

Feel free to use the live chat to ask any questions.

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Updated on: 18/06/2023

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