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How to schedule auto-restarts for your server

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Servers need regular restarts to stay running smoothly and in this article you will learn how to create an auto restart using our tasks system!

Log into your panel here, and click on the server you want to add the auto restart to.

Once you are on the server, click on "Schedules"

Then click the blue create schedule button.

You are now in a menu where you can set some of the schedule options. You should set the time in cron time, for more infomation, read this article here. In the example picture, it will restart every 24 hours once we are done.

Click the blue create button to save, and then click on the schedule that we just made to add a task.

Click "New Task", and a new menu will be brought up where you add a task to the schedule.

We are going to set Send power action as the action, and payload as Restart the server.

Then just click create action, and you're done! The server will automatically restart every 24 hours

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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