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WitherPanel FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for WitherPanel Articles

This page addresses frequently asked questions regarding our published articles for WitherPanel. Our goal is to resolve common questions and misconceptions. Let's dive into the FAQs, article by article.

🗃️ Accessing Files Using sFTP 🗃️

How can I use sFTP on mobile?

- On Android: We recommend using Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client.
- On iOS: We recommend using FTPManager.

I'm getting a connection closed error.

This error indicates that you might have entered the wrong port or IP address. Please ensure the details are correct and try again. Remember, the password is your panel's password.

How do I upload folders and multiple files at once? It takes so long!

We advise zipping the files into an archive and uploading the zip file to the server, then unzipping it there. sFTP has a faster connection for uploading a single file compared to multiple files, which are uploaded one by one in a queue.

🌍 How to Use Our Location Changer 🌍

Help! It says "Your service has a default port! Please contact support to migrate your service. Thank you."

In this case, you need to open a live chat (the blue button at the bottom-right) to move your server between locations, as the transfer tool cannot determine if your dedicated IP is available at the new location.

My transfer is taking forever! What's happening?

If your server has many files, the transfer will take longer. More files mean a longer transfer time. On average, our nodes take about 2 minutes to transfer 1GB of files. Your files are also compressed to reduce download time and are automatically uncompressed at the target node.

I'm certain my server doesn't have a lot of files, but it's still stuck!

In this case, you need to open a live chat (the blue button at the bottom-right) so that we can resolve this issue.

🔀 How to Change the Java Version for Your Server 🔀

I can't set my Docker image as it says "This server's Docker image has been manually set by an administrator and cannot be changed through this UI."

Simply open a live chat to resolve this issue. We will enable the option to choose Docker images for your server.

What if I want to use my custom Docker image?

Open a live chat and provide us with the Docker image you want to use. In some cases, custom Docker images may not be allowed, but exceptions can be made.

I don't know which Java version or Docker image to choose!

For Forge 1.16.5 or older, use Java 11. For servers under 1.12.2, use Java 8. For servers above 1.17, use Java 16. For Bedrock, the Docker image doesn't significantly affect performance unless running custom software.

🖨️ Creating Servers with a Multiserver 🖨️

It says "You didn't reach the maximum RAM requirement."

Remove any units such as mb or % and try again. Ensure you specify RAM, CPU, and disk limits within your resource limits for successful server creation.

I can't create my multiserver even though my chosen location shows available!

Sometimes the system takes time to update location availability. When stock is low, server creation may be inconsistent.

👉 How to Use Our Subdomain Manager 👉

The subdomain I created says it's taken! What do I do?

Try again with a different subdomain or use a different domain name entirely.

I deleted my subdomain on one server and now I can't add it to another server.

Open a live chat so we can resolve this issue for you.

🔀 How to Change Your Server Version 🔀

I don't understand if I should reinstall the server, delete files, or just start the server!

If switching to a much older version (e.g., from 1.17.1 to 1.8.9), we advise deleting all files and reinstalling the server. For upgrades, simply apply the new version and start the server. If it still doesn't work, reinstall the server.

The version manager doesn't work! Files don't appear in my file manager.

The download link may be outdated. Please contact support via live chat, and we'll look into it.

🎮 How to Change Your Server Software 🎮

My server is still on the old software!

Delete your files and then reinstall the server. For upgrades (e.g., from Spigot to Paper), simply reinstall without deleting files.

I have a multiserver. I can't change my game type to a non-Minecraft game!

The server software changer applies to both Minecraft and multiserver services, so non-Minecraft games aren't supported. To switch games, delete and recreate your multiserver with the new game software during creation. For custom software, open a live chat.

How to Use Our Schedules

My schedules are repeating instead of working as intended!

Ensure you follow all rules when creating a schedule. For example, to schedule something every 6 hours, set the minute field to 0 instead of *. Check this site to understand how to read schedules.

What is the maximum number of tasks I can run per schedule?

You can run a maximum of 15 tasks per schedule.

📩 How to Use Our Backups System 📩

The backup shows as "failed". What do I do?

Contact live chat so we can resolve this issue. It might be a one-time error.

My backup is not loading or taking too long!

Backup time varies based on server file size. For example, a 300GB server may take 1.5 hours, while a 1GB server may take a minute. Wait a few minutes and check if the backup status changes.

Restoring my backup is taking too long!

Restoring a backup also takes time, relative to the amount of files on your server.

🔑 How to Create Ports 🔑

What if I need more ports?

Open a live chat and explain why you need more ports. We may allocate additional ports to your server.

🫂 How to Use Our Subuser System 🫂

Can a subuser see my personal details?

No, subusers cannot see your personal details.

Can a subuser use my multiserver account to create and delete servers?

No, subusers cannot create or delete multiservers on your account. The only solution would be to give them your account credentials, but this is risky. Proceed with caution.

🗄️ How to Create and Access a Database 🗄️

How do I access my databases?

Go to and enter your database login details. You can view these details by navigating to databases and clicking the eye icon on the database you want to access.

What if I need more databases?

Open a live chat and explain why you need more databases. We may allocate additional databases to your server.

My config file for database details doesn't match the article. How do I know which is which?

Plugin configurations for database connections may vary. Review the config to identify the correct fields (hostname/IP, database name, password, etc.). If you need assistance, feel free to open a live chat.

If you still face issues, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance through live chat!

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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