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In this article, you'll learn how to install and setup dynmap on your server. It's a simple process, so let's get started!

Dynmap runs a webserver to show it's map on a website. For doing this, you will need an additional port, as your dynmap webserver can't run on the same port, so go to your panel --> ports --> create new allocation. Note down this port

Installing the plugin

Now, we will install the dynmap plugin. Get it here - and upload it to your plugins folder. Once you do that, restart the server to generate the configuration files for it. Go into the configuration.txt file, and set the webserver-port to the port that you want

Once done, just save and restart the server, and we've successfully setup dynmap!

To load all of the chunks of a world onto the dynmap, use the command dynmap fullrender <world name>.
For example, dynmap fullrender world.
It may take some time to process, and it is quite intensive to run, so the server may slow a bit whilst it renders.

You can further configure how you want dynmap to be used by editing it's configuration.txt file, adding support for plugins that have it, and for other important settings!
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