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How to install and use VotingPlugin [Java]

In this article, you're going to be learning how to add and use VotingPlugin in your server.

Plugin Summary

VotingPlugin is a customizable vote listener, enabling you to reward players for voting your server which in favour pushes your server's ranking in the advertisement list higher.


Customisable reward potential.

You can change what type of rewards you can offer per site by listing each of the rewards and any other customisable addons (permissions and chance) per reward.
Provide additional rewards for voting on every site.
Additional rewards for voting for the first time.
Provides cummulative rewards. (Voting X amount of times per day/week).
Monthly milestones.
VoteStreak - Provides players rewards for voting X number of times in a row.
VoteParty - Everyone on the server gets a reward after X amount of global otes.
TopVoter - Gives a bonus award for maintaining their top voter status for day/week/month.


Supports sounds, particles, titles, bossbars, actionbar and firework effects upon voting.

Advanced Reward Logic.

Customise the type of rewards given based on (world, permissions, chance, online/offline, groups and even world location).
Supports rewards based on (Commands, Items (Including NBT/abilities), Money, EXP, Messages)
- Customise each reward by adding delays, timed rewards, server-specific selectors and choice rewards (player-choice rewards).


Bungeecord and Velocity support.
Remind players to vote.
Provides voting information. (/vote [total/last/next/today]).
Supports PAPI and includes PAPI placeholders.
BossShop/LeaderHeads/AuthMe support.


- A Voting Listener (Votifier/NuVotifier/VotifierPlus). We have an article for NuVotifier here.
- Rewarding players with money? You need Vault.
- Plan to display and access data from VotingPlugin? (Total votes on a hologram?) You need PAPI

To start, download the latest version of the plugin from here.
Then, drag-and-drop the jar file into the /home/container/plugins folder, on WitherPanel. Lastly, reboot the server and it should now run.


To configure your server to your likings, open the File Manager and edit the config.yml. The general path to this plugin's configuration file is /home/container/plugins/VotingPlugin/Config.yml.

The configuration file contains the following configurable options:
(The following line markers are based on the default configuration file. Of course, any modification to your file may potentially shift the line count, so use them as a reference point!)

Data Storage Selector (12)
Data Storage Details (16)
Feature - Vote Reminder (56)
Format Configuration (105)
Top Voters Configuration (338)
Advanced Configuration (372)
Feature - Custom Commands (473 & 477)
Geyser Support (611)

Getting started!

Before we start, please ensure your Votifier setup is in working order. Refer to our guide here to test whether your server is receiving votes.

Out of the box, VotingPlugin is fully customisable in-game through it's GUI manager. Run the /av gui to open the AdminGUI, this will be your bread and butter for configuring this plugin.

Default players upon joining the server will receive a message that reminds the players the amount of sites ready to vote.

Players can run the /vote command to access the vote sites configured on the server and click on the URLs set.

Players can also run the /votegui which opens the main screen of managing and viewing their votes. This GUI contains information such as:
- All Vote Sites
- Next available site to vote for.
- The previous site you've voted for.
- Total statistics from voting based on daily, weekly, monthly and overall timeframes.
- Server top voters.
- Today's Vote sites.
- VoteShop.

Players can vote and claim vote points which provides them another form of currency to purchase configurable items available in the /voteshop menu.

Adding sites.

By default, this plugin will not add any sites as it operates on the need to know basis. Because of this, there are 2 ways you can add voting site to your server.

1. Automatic approach (Very easy)

By simply voting on a pre-configured voting site, the VotingPlugin will take in the notification and generate a simple set of rewards and command executions. You may modify any additional information by going into /av gui -> VoteSites -> (Your Vote Site).

2. Manual approach (Easy)

You may enter a vote site manually by opening the /av gui and middle-clicking on the VoteSites tile. Then give your VoteSite a name of any kind, it does not have to be the HTTPS. You should see a red text that tells you that the vote site has successfully been created and mounted by the plugin. You may modify any additional information by going into /av gui -> VoteSites -> (Your Vote Site).

If you want to delete a VoteSite, you can run /av gui -> VoteSites -> (Your Vote Site) -> Set Enabled -> (False). This will completely remove the votesite entirely from the system in game however it is still accessible in the configuration file.

Editing player data.

Do you want to edit a player's votestat and Shop Points? Simply running the /av gui command and heading into the Users button (2nd position; Steve head) will allow you to edit users from the GUI directly. It will provide the different attributes to view and edit and provides an input editor as well.

Editing the VoteShop.

Simply running the command /av edit VoteShop will bring up the GUI manager for the Vote Shop. You may add, remove and edit existing items in this manager.

Editing and adding rewards.

Awesome! Now that we have a bunch of vote sites, we can now assign rewards to trigger once the player voted for a particular site.
This plugin provides flexibilty by providing unique different set of rewards per site. This allows you to encourage players to prioritise voting a particular site by providing more rewards in favour compared to other voting sites.

GUI Editing.

Simply open /av gui and click on the VoteSites management item (3rd position; Stone block).

Select the site you wish to edit and add rewards for. For my example, this would be MCTools_org.

Click on the Dispenser icon to edit the Rewards. This section provides you full flexibility on how you want your rewards to be executed.

Click on the 3rd position, Diamond icon (All Rewards) which allows you to edit any value/reward you wish to add. For this example, I wish to add 5 apples to a player's inventory.
Anything past this point is steps designed for the tutorial. If you wish to add different options and conditions, you may explore around this section of the GUI.

Click on the 4th position, Paper icon (Edit list for Commands.Console). This allows us to run commands on the server-level scope.

Click on the green emerald to add an entry to the command list. The reward system works off the list. You can simply add and remove items from the list in the future.

Type in chat give %player% apple 5 as this is the command we wish to run upon voting.
Note that we didn't add a slash as it's not necessary.
"give" is a vanilla function of Minecraft that generates the item to the player's inventory.
%player% represents the player's name placeholder.
apple is the item referenced in-game.
5 represents the amount of items to generate when giving.

And that's it for adding one item to your VotingSite!

Now you can simply edit and check if it's working by re-opening /av gui -> VoteSites -> (Your Vote Site) -> Click on the Grass icon (Force vote) to test whether the command, the requirements and other additional rewards work to your expectations.

File Editing.

You can refer to this Wiki documentation here for a more detailed breakdown on editing the Rewards section.
Item Configuration

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