In this article, you'll learn how to reset your worlds and/or player data on your server, if you ever want to reset players inventories, or restart your world. The process is fairly simple for each server software, so let's dive right into it!

Java based servers

There will be 3 folders in the root directory of your server, namely world, world_nether, and world_the_end. It may be different if you have a custom world. The world folder is for the overworld, the world_nether folder is for the nether, and the world_the_end folder is for the end.

If you want to reset progress all dimensions you can do so by deleting all these 3 folders, and simply restarting your server.

If you want to reset just a specific dimension, you can do that as well, however, when you enter through nether portals/end fountain portals, it may not land you back at the same place, since the worlds have been changed.

To reset player data, if you go into the overworld folder, world, you'll find a folder called playerdata. This will contain a bunch of files, having the player's data. There will be files according to each player's name, in UUID format. If you want to reset a specific player's inventory, you can search for their UUID there, and then delete that file. If you want to reset everyone's inventory, you can simply delete all files within that folder.

To save all these changes, simply restart your server, and it will be completed.

Bedrock based servers

Bedrock based servers are a little different.
There will be a folder called worlds. Go into that folder, and you will find the name Bedrock Level by default, unless you are using a custom map of course. Note that certain softwares don't support nether and end dimensions, so you'll need to consult with external plugin providers regarding resetting the dimension. Unfortunately, for bedrock dedicated servers, there are no specific dimensions files, hence when you reset worlds, you need to reset all dimensions.

Player data may be stored in different locations based on the software. Consult with the specific software to find out
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