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How to reset world and/or player data

In this article, you'll learn how to reset your worlds and/or player data on your server, should you ever need to reset player inventories or restart your world. The process is relatively simple for each server software, so let's get started!

🖥️ Java-based Servers 🖥️

Resetting World Data

In the root directory of your server, you'll find three folders: world, world_nether, and world_the_end. If you're using a custom world, the naming might differ. The world folder represents the overworld, world_nether is for the Nether, and world_the_end is for the End.

If you wish to reset progress across all dimensions, delete all three folders and restart your server.

If you want to reset a specific dimension, proceed with caution as entering Nether or End portals may not lead you back to the same location due to the world changes.

Resetting Player Data

To reset player data, navigate to the playerdata folder within the world directory. Here, you'll find files containing player data, each named after the player's UUID. Deleting a player's file will reset their inventory. To reset all player inventories, delete all files in this folder.

To apply these changes, simply restart your server.

🛏️ Bedrock-based Servers 🛏️

Resetting World Data

Bedrock-based servers have a slightly different structure. Look for a folder named worlds. Within this folder, you'll typically find a directory named Bedrock Level unless you're using a custom map. Note that certain software may not support Nether and End dimensions, so you may need to consult external plugin providers for dimension resets. Unfortunately, for Bedrock dedicated servers, there are no specific dimension files, so when resetting worlds, all dimensions are reset.

Resetting Player Data

Player data storage locations may vary depending on the software used.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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