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How to use our affiliate system

In this article, you'll learn how to make use of our affiliate system, and earn commissions on every order, given that people use your link! Let's get started.

💻 Accessing the Affiliates Section 💻

Head on over to , then click on the affiliates button

You should be greeted with a page similar to this, let's break down what each thing means!

🤝 Affiliate Center 🤝

Commissions - Is the total amount of money you've made from your referrals.
Visitors referred - Is the total amount of people who've visited the website with your link, but have not purchased anything.
Signups referred - Is the total amount of people who've visited the website with your link, signed up, but have not purchased anything.
Current Balance - Shows how much money you have available for withdrawal.
Your Referral Link - This is your link you should send to people if you want them to sign up under your name and get commissions.

You will not get commission if they do not go through your link.

One thing to note is that the person you refer just needs to click on your link once, after which, a cookie stores the information for up to 60 days. That means that if the client comes back to WitherHosting and purchases a service within 60 days of you sending him the link, you'll get commission!

Additionally, you can choose to have WitherHosting email you monthly about your commissions report
If you want to change what link people land to when using your referral link, simply click on the landing page link at the bottom and edit it to the one you want to refer them to. It may be multiservers, vps, etc. !

Your commission rate is 10% of the order cost of a referred user.

💲 My Commissions 💲

This page will list out all of the people who have signed up and bought a service under your name. You'll see the Signup date, the services they ordered, how much money you have, and whether their server is still active or not with you.

💸 Payouts 💸

This page is where you'll see all of your payouts. If you reach a commission of over $5, open a live chat and we will make a withdrawal for you!

🎟️ My Vouchers 🎟️

In this page, you can essentially create discount vouchers for your referred users, BUT you will get reduced commission by the discount % you give. This can be used to attract your affiliates in a different way. You could give 5% discount, if you're willing to get only 5% commission. You could give 6% discount, if you're willing to get only 4% commission, and so on. That is entirely up to you! Let's learn how to make a voucher.

Making a voucher

Click on the New Voucher button. Select your commission plan ( only one available right now ), then click on continue.

You will then see a list of information you may modify. Let's break it down!

Voucher code - Un-modifiable, your code to give to users to use for their discount during checkout.
Discount type - Since our commission plan only allows one-time discounts, you can only keep it as Apply Once.
Applies to - You can use this to decide if you want to give commission to new, existing, or all customers. Existing customers that may use your voucher would get tied to your affiliate link only for the order they make.
Maximum usage - Make a limited stock of your voucher code, to attract more affiliates.
Expiration date - Set an expiration date of your voucher code, to attract more affiliates.
Commission - This slider lets you decide how much commission you want to get vs. how much discount you want to give. The number on top if your commission %, the number on the bottom is the discount % your referrer gets.

Once you're all done, click on add voucher! There will be a voucher code displayed at the "My vouchers" page and you can see some information about that too.

That's our guide to using the affiliate system! Hopefully our attractive plans and vouchers system makes you refer new users!

If you have any questions regarding what is stated in this article, feel free to ask us through our Live Chat system!

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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