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How to claim your client role and get billing notifications

Make sure you joined the Discord Server before we go ahead. The Discord Server is the place to get information on downtime, promotions and giveaways. It is also a place for you to interact with the WitherHosting community and advertise your server.

You can join the Discord Server here. Make sure your direct messages are open before verifying!

🔍Setting your Discord ID 🔍

After joining our discord server, go to your Billing Panel at , and click on the Link Discord Account button.

You will be redirected to a Discord oAuth page. Note that it requires the email address permission to know which email is used in your client account. Additionally, it also needs Join servers for you permission if in case you haven't already joined the discord server! This is purely a precautionary.

Once this is done, if your Discord Username on your discord account and the Discord Username on your billing panel match, you will be given the client role as long as you have an active service! Additionally, if you have a premium service, you will receive the role for that as well! You will get messaged by the bot about your successful verification!

If you do not have a Discord Username in your Account details page, you'll be prompted to add it.

Adding Discord to your Account

If you forgot to add your Discord Username to your account when you signed up, head over to the billing site:
From there, select Account Details on the left-hand side and then Edit Details. Here is where you can edit all your personal information about your account, include your Discord Username!

Hit the big blue button that says Save Changes and you're done! Now go back up and Link your Discord account.

💵 Billing Reminders 💵

Before you enable this, make sure to turn on DMs from server members! This should be available at the privacy settings of our server.

If you want to get billing reminders and information sent to your discord account, you can now set this up with Withertron's new system! It's as easy as running the /notifications command, followed by choosing between "all" or "invoice" notifications.

Once finished, you'll see a warning message that says to never rely on our system for invoice reminders, and to always check the client panel regularly.
You'll also get a dm from the bot saying "This is a test notification!". That means the notifications are setup! Now, you can enjoy billing notifications straight to your discord account

If you have any questions regarding what is stated in this article, feel free to ask us through our Live Chat system!

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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