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How to use your purchased addons ( Dedicated IP, Plugin Help, etc. )

Here's a concise guide on leveraging your purchased addons at WitherHosting. For any addon, simply initiate a live chat to activate it. Below are examples of how to utilize each addon!

🪢 Dedicated IP 🪢

If you've acquired a dedicated IP, or it's part of your package, reach out to us via live chat with your server ID and preferred port. We offer 25565 for Java and 19132 for Bedrock editions. You can also request another port if needed, such as for a map plugin.

Example live chat

🔌 Plugin Help 🔌

With the plugin help addon, we can configure up to 20 plugins for you, including setups. Specify your configuration needs. For 15 days, we can adjust your configurations as necessary, though extensive changes may not be possible.

Example live chat

📂 Server Migration 📂

If you've opted for server migration, our team can transfer your server from your old host to your new WitherHosting server. We'll require sFTP access details or subuser access to your old host's server. Be clear about the destination server (the server ID).

For large servers, we'll request a backup and download link to expedite the transfer process.

🗃️ Proxy Software Setup 🗃️

With the proxy software setup addon, we can configure proxy settings for you. Provide your proxy server ID and backend server IDs, and we'll link them for you! You can specify any custom messages or configurations you need. Up to 5 backend server setups are allowed.

🛃 Modpack Creation 🛃

Similar to plugin help, we can create a modpack of your choice, given the provided mods. We can accommodate up to 50 mods. Just provide your server ID and the list of mods, and we'll create and apply the modpack for you.

If you have any questions regarding what is stated in this article, feel free to ask us through our Live Chat system!

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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