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How to use your purchased addons ( Dedicated IP, Plugin Help, etc. )

Here's a small guide explaining how you can use your purchased addons in WitherHosting. For all addons, you simply open a live chat to use it. Here's some examples on using each addon!

🪢 Dedicated IP 🪢

If you have purchased a dedicated IP, or if it's included in your package, simply contact us by opening a live chat with your server ID, and what port you'd like. We have 25565 and 19132 available for java and bedrock edition respectively. You may also request for another specific port if it's used for something like a map plugin.

An example live chat

🔌 Plugin Help 🔌

If you have purchased a plugin help addon, we can setup a maximum of 20 plugins for you, including configurations of them. Please note you will need to specify what needs to be configured. Afterwards, for up to 15 days, we can update your configurations as you please, however if excessive amount of changes are required, we cannot do that.

An example live chat

📂 Server Migration 📂

If you have purchased server migration, staff can move a server from an old host to your new witherhosting server. To do this, staff will request for sFTP access details ( must include username, password, connection address ), or subuser access to the server on your old host. Make sure you also specify to what server you want to move it to ( the server ID )

If your server is big, we will request you take a backup of the server, and provide the download link of that server, as transferring a large amount of files over sFTP will take very long, rather than just one backup zip file

🗃️ Proxy Software Setup 🗃️

If you have purchased proxy software setup, staff can prepare a proxy configuration for you. Simply provide your proxy server ID, and the sub-server/backend server IDs, and we will link them up for you! You can also specify any custom messages, configurations that you might want in the setup. A maximum of 5 backend server setups are allowed

🛃 Modpack Creation 🛃

Similar to plugin help, we can also create a modpack of your choosing, provided mods have been provided. A maximum of 50 mods are allowed for us to create a modpack. Simply provide your server ID, and the list of mods you want to use, and we will make the modpack and apply it to your server

Updated on: 30/12/2022

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