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In this article, we will learn how to upgrade/downgrade our service with WitherHosting!
First, make sure you're logged in on
Then, go to the services section, and choose the service you want to upgrade. In our case, it'll be this minecraft basic service.

Then, click on the gear icon at the right on the service you want to upgrade, so you can go to the next section, where you can upgrade your product

Once we're there, we'll see an Upgrade/Downgrade button below the Service details text. Click on that to proceed further to your upgrade/downgrade

Some services may have the upgrade/downgrade feature elsewhere in this page, make sure to look out for it!

Once you click that, you will land at a page where you can choose what you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

In case you are upgrading, you will be given an invoice to pay the extra amount it costs for the service, and your service will then perform it's upgrade

In this case, I want to upgrade to a 2gb plan. So i will choose the 2gb plan and click on continue

You'll then land on the checkout page, where you can finalize your payment, choose your payment method, and then, you can click "Submit" to make the upgrade happen! Remember, if you're upgrading, only after you pay the invoice, the upgrade will take place.
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