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Minecraft Server Management - Vanilla Commands

In this guide, you'll learn how to use vanilla commands in Minecraft. These are default commands provided by Mojang. We'll cover commands for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. We won't list all important ones, but just the most essential ones. Note that some commands may not work on Java or Bedrock, so always make sure to check the available commands in your server with `/help`!

/ban - Ban a player.

Syntax - /ban username
Example - /ban QuickestRhyme

/ban-ip - Ban an IP address.

Syntax - /ban-ip
Example - /ban-ip 12.345.67.89

/banlist - View the list of banned players.

Syntax - /banlist
Example - /banlist 1, /banlist 2

/clear - Clears all the items in your inventory. Can also clear other players' inventory or specified targets.

Syntax - /clear target
Example - /clear @a, /clear QuickestRhyme

/deop - De-ops a player.

Syntax - /deop target
Example - /deop QuickestRhyme, /deop @a

/difficulty - Set the difficulty of the world.

Syntax - /difficulty level
Example - /difficulty normal, /difficulty easy

/gamemode - Set the gamemode of yourself or other players.

Syntax - /gamemode type target
Example - /gamemode creative QuickestRhyme, /gamemode survival @a

/give - Give yourself or other players an item.

Syntax - /give target item
Example - /give QuickestRhyme diamond_block 64, /give @a stick 1

/kick - Kick a player from the server. The player will disconnect.

Syntax - /kick player
Example - /kick QuickestRhyme

/kill - Kill a player or a target instantly.

Syntax - /kill target
Example - /kill QuickestRhyme, /kill @a

/list - List the players that are connected to your server.

Syntax - /list
Example - /list

/op - Give yourself or a player operator status.

Syntax - /op target
Example - /op QuickestRhyme, /op @a

/restart - Restart your server.

Syntax - /restart
Example - /restart

/seed - Get the world seed of the world you're in.

Syntax - /seed
Example - /seed

/setworldspawn - Set the world spawnpoint to where you are standing, or you can specify coordinates.

Syntax - /setworldspawn X Y Z
Example - /setworldspawn, /setworldspawn 100 65 100

/time - Set the time in the server.

Syntax - /time set time
Example - /time set day, /time set night

/weather - Set the weather of the server.

Syntax - /weather type
Example - /weather clear, /weather rain

/whitelist - Set the whitelist on your server on, off, and add/remove players.

Syntax - /whitelist args
Example - /whitelist on, /whitelist off, /whitelist add QuickestRhyme, /whitelist remove QuickestRhyme

Updated on: 02/06/2024

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