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Most common errors - an encyclopedia

🎯 Facing Errors: A Minecraft Server Troubleshooting Guide 🎯

Let's admit it: errors can be quite frustrating. In this article, we'll assist you in understanding and resolving errors that occur on your Minecraft server.

In this guide, we'll categorize the most common errors into startup, minor, and connection errors. You can identify your specific error based on when it occurs and what game type you're using.

⬆️ Startup Errors ⬆️

General - Java + Bedrock

General Startup ErrorsHow to Fix It
EULA ErrorWhen initiating your server for the first time, you'll need to accept the Minecraft EULA (End User License Agreement). If you encounter this error and crash during startup, displaying You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the server. Go to eula.txt for more info., simply accept the Minecraft EULA when prompted, or manually set eula to true in the eula.txt file.
Permission DeniedIf you encounter an error like / line 12: ./bedrock_server: Permission denied, navigate to the indicated file, adjust the permissions to 755 by right-clicking or selecting the three dots next to the file, accessing permissions, and making the necessary changes.
Failed to Bind PortThis error typically manifests as **** FAILED TO BIND PORT! The exception was: Address already in use Perhaps a server is already running on that port? To resolve this, change your server port as it's likely being used by another server. If you have a dedicated IP, consider reaching out via live chat for assistance.
Unable to Read World FormatIf you receive an error indicating the server's inability to load the world file, it suggests either corruption or incompatibility with your gametype. Ensure compatibility by generating a new world, converting the existing world format, or importing a compatible, uncorrupted world.

Java Startup Errors

Java Startup ErrorsHow to Fix It
Unable to Access server.jar FileThis error often occurs when the server.jar file is missing, named incorrectly, or corrupted. Rename the file to server.jar if necessary, or upload/re-upload it manually. If corrupted, consider reinstalling the server.
Java Version ErrorIf prompted to use a specific Java version (e.g., Minecraft 1.17 requires running the server with Java 16 or above.), adjust the Java version accordingly. Forge users may encounter compatibility issues, indicated by console errors. To address this, select the appropriate Java version in the control panel's startup section.
Crash: Out of MemoryServer freezes, kick players, and unresponsive console indicate exceeding RAM limits. Allocate sufficient RAM, optimize memory usage, and restart the server periodically.
Crashing Mods/PluginsUnspecified startup errors likely originate from problematic mods/plugins. Identify and update/delete the problematic mods/plugins to rectify the issue.

Bedrock Startup Errors

Bedrock Startup ErrorsHow to Fix It
Failed to Open Curl Lib from BinaryModify the ipv6 in to resolve this error, ensuring it differs from ipv4.
Pocketmine ErrorsEnsure the correct PHP version alignment for Pocketmine versions to avoid startup errors.
Nukkit ErrorsChoose the server language upon startup (e.g., eng for English) to prevent misinterpretation as server failure.
Bedrock Server Permission Denied IssueAdjust permissions for the bedrock_server file to 755, allowing successful server booting.

Proxy Errors

Ensure the following configurations are in place for a properly functioning proxy:
We'll expand this section with more errors soon

``bukkit.yml connection-throttle to -1
spigot.yml bungeecord to true online-mode to false
IP forwarding to true on bungee

Restart all related servers afterward

Here's a refined version:

🤏 Minor Errors 🤏

ErrorHow to Fix It
Plugin/Mod ErrorsIf you encounter an error that doesn't halt the server's startup, it's likely due to a mod or plugin issue. Such plugins/mods might be disabled or functioning improperly. Check their configurations for any anomalies (instructions are usually available on the download site). Outdated or poorly developed plugins/mods can also cause issues. Review the settings, update to the latest version if available, or consider removing them if they consistently fail to work.
Timings URLs Not CreatedEnsure that your paper.yml file has a history and interval set to the recommended values and that the timings URL is configured to the default one:
Missing Required Core Mod or Plugin (Java)This error suggests that a mod/plugin requires another core mod/plugin that is not present. To resolve this, either remove the dependent mod/plugin or install the required one (the console or download site typically indicates which one is needed).
Server Overload: "Can't Keep Up"When this error occurs, it indicates a drop in TPS (ticks per second), resulting in lag. Identify the source of the lag by referring to our server optimization article.
Incompatible Protocol Version (PMMP)An incompatible protocol version error signifies that a plugin is outdated. Ensure you download plugins from Poggit and select the appropriate version for your server on the plugin page.
Failed Loading Error
This error, such as Failed loading /home/container/bin/php7/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20190902/ /home/container/bin/php7/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20190902/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory, can be disregarded as it does not impact server functionality.

🌐 Connection Errors 🌐

ErrorHow to Fix It
Outdated ServerUpdate your server, downgrade your Minecraft client, or install a multi-version support plugin like ViaVersion.
Outdated ClientDowngrade your server, update your Minecraft client, or add a multi-version support plugin like ViaBackwards (requires ViaVersion).
Invalid IPEnsure you enter a valid IP address (comprising numbers and dots) in the server address field.
Banned by an OperatorContact a server administrator to lift the ban. Use /pardon or /unban if you have console access, or /pardon-ip or unban-ip if your IP is banned.
Server WhitelistedAdd your in-game name to the whitelist using whitelist add in the console. Alternatively, disable whitelist in by setting whitelist to false and restarting the server.
Bad LoginAvoid logging in too quickly and ensure compatibility between your Minecraft version and the server. Check your internet connection as it may also contribute to this error.
Authentication Servers Down for MaintenanceWait if the authentication servers are indeed offline. If not, ensure your firewall isn't blocking the connection or consider changing online-mode to false in
Failed to Verify Username/Invalid SessionLog out and log back into Minecraft. For non-premium versions, set online-mode to false in and restart the server.
Connection Refused (If It's You)Verify the IP and port, ensure your antivirus or firewall isn't blocking the connection, and check for network issues.
Connection Refused (If It's Not Just You)Examine the server console for errors and ensure compatibility with the chosen gametype.
Timeout ErrorsConsider upgrading your hardware, closing other programs, or improving bandwidth if you encounter io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException.
SocketException: Connection ResetCheck your internet connection and server console for errors.
Server Returned HTTP Response Code: 503This occurs when is down. Monitor Minecraft news for updates.
NullPointerExceptionLocate the Java crash log (e.g., hs_err_pid...txt on your desktop) to identify the issue.
Unable to Connect to World (Bedrock)Verify the IP, port, and server's gametype compatibility. Check for console errors affecting the connection.
Authentication Error (Bedrock)Reload Minecraft, log out, and log back in using your Microsoft account. Wait if authentication servers are offline.
Failed to Open Curl Lib from Binary (Vanilla Bedrock)Rename or delete conflicting server files, such as, or adjust the port settings.
Internal Server Error (PMMP)Identify the problematic plugin causing the error by examining the console and plugin configuration. Ensure plugin compatibility and functionality.
Cannot Join Pocketmine Server
Repair your server's configuration or replace it with a downloaded one. Alternatively, adjust the max-mtu-size in pocketmine.yml to 1450.

Not Finding Your Error? Try Understanding the Cause by Reading Logs or Crash Report.

💥 Understanding a Crash Report 💥

In the file manager, you might discover crash reports within a folder labeled crash reports. Inside, various reports are categorized by date. Locate the report from the day of the crash. Within this log, you'll uncover the sequence of errors leading up to the crash, along with system specifications. Familiarize yourself with the meanings of the following letters for this section: 'U' = Unloaded, 'L' = Loaded, 'C' = Constructed, 'H' = Pre-initialized, 'I' = Initialized, 'J' = Post-initialized, 'A' = Available, 'D' = Disabled, 'E' = Errored.

Here's an example:

| State | ID         | Version      | Source                           | Signature |
|:----- |:---------- |:------------ |:-------------------------------- |:--------- |
| L     | minecraft  | 1.12.2       | minecraft.jar                    | None      |
| L     | mcp        | 9.42         | minecraft.jar                    | None      |
| L     | FML        |    | forge1122.jar                    | None      |
| L     | forge      | | forge1122.jar                    | None      |

🤔 Other Errors 🤔

If none of the fixes have resolved your issue, consider reinstalling (remember to create a backup first).

For unique joining issues, refer to the Minecraft help forum or reach out to Minecraft support.
If you're still unable to resolve your error, initiate a live chat for assistance 👍.

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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