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In this article, we will go through adding a behaviour pack to your Minecraft Bedrock server! It does not apply for java edition. Let's get started!

Getting our Behaviour Packs

There are a lot of places you can get behaviour packs from. We are going to choose for this tutorial. We will download this for the tutorial.

Behaviour packs usually have a .mcaddon ending. In case you have a .zip ending, that is also fine! Just place it in your game directory

Installing behaviour packs to your Minecraft Game

Once it is downloaded, simply double click the file, and your behaviour pack should start importing to your game.
If you have multiple behaviour packs you want, add all of them into your game.

Once it's imported, we will make a new world that includes that behaviour pack. Create a new world in your game, go to behaviour packs, choose "my packs" and activate the behaviour pack(s) you want. Then, create the world!

Once you have created, the world, proceed to upload it to your server. Follow instructions from this article and then you'd have behaviour packs added to your server!
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